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Commercial Lending

Assurance Loans provides multiple funding solutions for customers’ business needs.

Asset Lending

Funding may be arranged when you or your business purchases or refinances the following:

  • Commercial Properties, Warehouses, Shops, Offices and Land.
  • Motor Vehicles of all types: Passenger Cars, Utes, Vans or Trucks, new or used.
  • Equipment: Machinery, Yellow Goods and Construction Equipment, Commercial Boats, Forklifts and Material handling Equipment, Dental and Medical equipment, Agriculture equipment ,  Beauty and Gym Equipment,  IT and office equipment.  New or used.

Acquisition and Merge

When your business acquires another business or when your business merges with other businesses. We may arrange funding for the acquisition and merge.


When you join or acquire a franchise, funding may be arranged with us.

Short-term cash flow

With security: Short-term cash flow may be arranged with us if you have security.

Without security: Short-term cash flow may also be arranged with us if you do not have security.


If you have a self-managed superfund and wish to purchase a commercial property for investment purposes, we may arrange the funding for you.

Development funding

We can help arrange funding for land acquisition and development.

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