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Many people, bought their homes few years ago, unaware that they are now sitting on a gold mine, their equity. With their equity having accumulated over the years, they could buy rental properties, new cars, renovate, go on holiday and much, much more.

After couple of years of home purchasing, it would be better for you to review your interest rate and your loan structure, to see if they are still suitable for you current situation. By working with mortgage brokers like Assurance Loans, people will find that their home loan’s interest rate can be lower and they may pay off their home much faster. By working with mortgage professional Assurance Loans, your loan may be re-structured to reflect your current financial circumstance.

Assurance Loans’ customers refinance their home loan, investment loan, property loan for all kinds of reasons. Most people refinance to buy investment properties, to help their children buying first home, whilst others refinance to repay their home loan faster by achieving a better, lower interest rate.

If partners who previously bought their property together now want to split or to achieve sole ownership, this can also be done through refinance.

Some people refinance to buy a new car rather than go on a car loan, to pay for the long time dreamed holiday, to renovate their existing home, or to buy furniture and fittings to improve their home.

Others refinance to repay credit card debts, personal loans or car loans.

Several people restructure their finance to build their property portfolio. This can be done by refinancing.

Business people refinance to help with their business cash flow.

The list goes on!

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